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Domestic Flat Roof IKO Armourplan 20 Year.

This Flat Roof was a traditional felt roof consisting of three layers of roofing felt. The roof had come to the end of its life expectancy and was starting to let in water at the abutment wall and near the drip detail.


JCB Roofing & Building Ltd stripped off the existing felt Flat Roof covering and timber decking down to the roofs existing timber joist. We removed all rubbish from site. The roof joists where then inspected for any rot or defects prior to the New Flat Roofing system.

To the existing roof joist we fitted new OSB T&G Timber roof boards screw fixed. Screw fixed eliminate the risk of the existing ceiling coming dislodged by way of fixing boards with nails hammered into existing joists. The system we used was IKO Armourplan Mechanicaly fixed. This method entails loose laying out the membrane and fixing down one side at specified centres, usually 200mm apart. The next membrane is then laid over with the correct lap and heat welded. This method is used throughout the entire roof.

All perimeter edge detail is tied using an IKO bar and drip trim fastened at correct centres. This method is to stop the system from pulling away from the perimeter when there is movement as it is designed to do.


This system hold a full 20 year warranty for Labour & Material. The warranty comes direct from IKO PLC. IKO PLC are the largest waterproofing manufacturer in the world.

Because JCB Roofing & Building Ltd is an approved installer the warranty is issued by IKO PLC for the full cover of your new roof.